Martyrs' Mothers from Manbij condemn Turkish state's attacks and say they will continue to resist

The Martyrs' Mothers from Manbij condemned the invading Turkish state's attacks on the north and west of Manbij and said that they will resist until their last breath.

The invading Turkish state continues to bombard the northern and western countryside of Manbij without interruption. While civilians were targeted with the bombardment, material damage were reported to many houses.

Hesna El-Dahir, the mother of Mehmud El-Isa, who fell as a martyr in the Manbij operation, said that the invading Turkish state bombed Manbij every day and damaged the property of civilians.

“We will not allow the invaders to settle on our lands. Our lands were liberated by the blood of our children. The invading Turkish state wants to frighten the people by disrupting the peace and security in the region,” said Hesna Dahir.

Stating that they will not allow their lands to be occupied by the invaders, Martyr Samir Xelef El-Hilal's mother, Cînan El-Mihemed, pointed out that their lands were liberated by the martyrs who fought against ISIS mercenaries.

Drawing attention to the invading Turkish state's violations against the region, Cînan El-Mihemed said: “Our lands are wanted to be occupied. Turkey wants to take over our land by intimidating the people with the crimes they carry out in the region."

Cînan El-Mihemed underlined that they will resist until their last breath.