Martyrs of the Epochal Resistance laid to rest in Shehba

HRE fighter Dilgeş Rîhawî (Dilşêr Afrin) and YPG fighter Selah Qasim (Êriş Afrin), who fell martyrs in the Epochal Resistance, were laid to rest in Shehba by thousands.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) fighter Dilgeş Rîhawî (Dilşêr Afrin) and the People's Defense Units (YPG) fighter Selah Qasim (Êriş Afrin) who took part in the second phase of the Epochal Resistance against the invasion of the Turkish state in Afrin, fell martyrs and were laid to rest by thousands f people in Shehba.

The crowd waited for the martyrs' remains in Avrin Hospital and accompanied the coffins to the graveyard in Ehres with a convoy of dozens of vehicles.

Hesen Berko from the Martyrs' Families Assembly and Mihemed Ebdo from Afrin Canton Council addressed the crowd, after the military ceremony. 

After the speeches, the martyrs' testimonies were read and delivered to their families.