Massive ceremony for 14 martyrs in Derik

People of Rojava bid farewell to martyrs who fell fighting Turkish invasion.

Thousands of people gathered in Derik city of Rojava to bid farewell to 14 martyrs who fell fighting in the Honor Resistance against Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria.

The coffins were taken in a convoy from the Şehîd Hogir Hospital to the Şehîd Xebat Cemetery of Martyrs, where a farewell ceremony took place.

Thousands of people have paid their last respects to 14 of the Rojava resistance's martyrs; Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters Ebdulselam Hesen (Harûn Çiya), Sefqan Mûsa (Sefqan Dêrik), Masûm Mecid(Botan), Melik Mihemed (Botan Ceger), Sabrî Ebdulrehman (Xebat Dêrik), Besil Şawêş (Mîtan Qehreman), Îbrahîm Hesen (Egîd Dêrik), Ridwan Mihemed (Kortayî Amed), Rohlah Tirnsa (Şahan Melekşah), Cîhan Atîk (Bahoz), Ozge Aydın (Ceren Güneş), Yasin Aydin (Imran Firtina), Göze Altunöz (Aynur Ada) and civilian Serxwebûn Elî, who fell during protest against Turkish-Russian patrol.

Speaking at the ceremony at Şehîd Xebat Cemetery of Martyrs which began with a minute of silence, Heyfa Erebo on behalf of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria offered condolences to the families of martyrs and the peoples of North and East Syria.

Remarking that the Honor Resistance has made an overwhelming impression all over the world, Heyfa Erebo criticised the silence of the states on the savage practices and crimes of the Turkish state.

Following speeches, the martyrs were laid to rest amid slogans.