Mazlum Abdi announces restructuring of SDF

At the annual meeting of the SDF in Hesekê, Mazlum Abdi announced a restructuring of the military forces as a guarantee for a free Syria.

Constituents of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are holding the annual conference in Heseke with the participation of 600 delegates. The conference in the General Command of the SDF is taking place under the motto "Guarantee stability after the end of terrorism".

Discussion topics of the conference

SDF Commander General Mazlum Abdi said in his opening speech: "After the joint victory with the International Coalition against ISIS, we hold our annual assembly with our affiliates. At this meeting we will discuss not only the military and political successes but also our shortcomings and weaknesses in order to clarify the fundamental issues of military operations for security and stability in Syria after the defeat of the ISIS.”

A military force to be the guarantee of Syria

A new stage has been set in the fight against ISIS, Abdi said and continued: "The purpose of this assembly is to lay the foundations for the formation of a military force that will act as a guarantor of a free and united Syria. Today we are confronted with threats against our future. The new stage of the fight against ISIS, which remains committed to destroy our country, is even more difficult and challenging, with the remaining ISIS cells in civilian settlements. The main theme of the conference is therefore the fight against ISIS.”

Turkey hinders the fight against ISIS

Turkey's attacks and threats have a negative impact on the fight against ISIS, the SDF commander added: "Already during the Turkish invasion of Afrin, we declared that our fight against ISIS would be affected. The threats against our forces prevent the implementation of our joint plans with the international coalition against ISIS."

Regarding the debate over the establishment of a" security zone "in northern Syria, Abdi referred to the talks that are being conducted with Turkey on US mediation to prevent an attack on the region and to preserve the existing stability.

For peace to come about in Syria, the population of Afrin must be able to return, Abdi said. "Afrin is an important issue for peace to be achieved between us and Turkey. The return of the population is an essential point. As long as a return is not possible, peace cannot arise in Syria.”

Call to Damascus

"We call on the Government of Syria to engage in dialogue with the autonomous administration of North and East Syria and the SDF so that there can be a political solution based on recognition of the autonomous administration and legitimate rights of the Kurdish people in Syria," Mazlum Abdi said.

Restructuring of the SDF

Abdi noted that today's meeting in Hesekê is also about restructuring the SDF: "As Syrian Democratic Forces, we are restructuring ourselves. This has already been successfully achieved in many places. We have started setting up local military councils in all areas and are preparing to form expert units. At today's gathering we will form a general council mechanism in which all the military councils are represented."