Mihemed: Women should trust their own strength and abilities

Hibe Mihemed, a member of the Syrian Women's Council, said that women should trust their own strength and abilities and added: "Women who were tortured and made slaves during the ISIS period are leading society today."


Hibe Mihemed is a member of the Syrian Women's Council. She said that 8 March, International Working Women's Day, is the day when women are called to reclaim their usurped rights, labor and freedom.

Reminding that women in Northern and Eastern Syria have been waging a great struggle for 12 years, Mihemed said, "We did not celebrate 8 March before the revolution. However, after the revolution, we learned the meaning of 8 March and started celebrating it. Today I can say that one day is not enough to reclaim the usurped life and rights of women. We see that violence against women and many other inhumane behaviors still continue. Women are still exposed to many attacks around the world. We hope that with the revolution in Northern and Eastern Syria, women all over the world will break the existing chains of slavery. Before the revolution, the state prohibited celebrating this day. However, we women were celebrating secretly among ourselves at that time. But today, Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and Circassian women living in Northern and Eastern Syria celebrate together. We welcome this day with great preparations. We give seminars, prepare brochures and distribute them to all institutions."

Mihemed continued: "We all know what women went through during the Damascus government and later under ISIS. Women who were tortured and made slaves at that time lead society today. These women have become fighters and revolutionaries today. I would like to say this to all women: know your own power and talent. When a woman trusts and believes in herself, there is nothing she cannot achieve. She can overcome all the backwardness that society imposes on her. Today, we must rebel against all attacks and occupations of the Turkish state. We continue our resistance until the end to protect the gains of our own revolution. The attacks by the Turkish state may narrow our living spaces and make our lives difficult, but this does not make us step back, it gives us even more determination to fight. Women who lead society are targeted every day in Iran, Rojhilat and Afrin. We, as women, must support their struggle until the end and resist until we achieve our freedom."