More cultivated lands set on fire in Til Temir

Field fires set by occupying forces continue to rage in the self-governing areas of northern Syria.

In the autonomous region of northeast Syria, field fires started by targeted artillery fire from the Turkish-Islamic invasion forces continue to rage. In Til Temir in particular, grain fields have been burning for days.

The occupation forces have set fire to cultivated lands in the villages of Dawudiyah, Jamiliyah and Aziziyah in Til Temir region on Sunday.

Fires continue to rage in the mentioned areas.

Since the beginning of May, the Turkish occupation forces and their Islamist proxies have intensified attacks on agricultural lands in the Federation of North and East Syria.

Arson in northern Syria is one of the methods of Turkish warfare that is contrary to international law. Agriculture is the main source of income in the region and is systematically attacked.

According to the ANF, almost forty agricultural areas were burned in May in the regions of Girê Spî, al-Bab, Ain Isa, Til Temir, Shehba, Shera, Sherawa and Kobanê. The fires affected dozens of villages and thousands of people.

The Turkish state and the ISIS burned hundreds of thousands of hectares of land at harvest time in 2019 to damage the economy of the autonomous region.