More men and women join the security forces in Ain Issa

With the increase in attacks by Turkish and Jihadist occupation forces in the northern Syrian town of Ain Issa, more and more young men and women are joining the security forces. Training is anything but easy.

With the expansion of the occupation attacks by Turkey and its Islamist allies against the town of Ain Issa in northern Syria, more and more young Arab and Kurdish women and men are joining the security forces. The training is not easy and places special demands on their stamina. For strength, endurance and skill are the basic requirements for successful completion, explains instructor Dîlber.

The demanding training courses under the scorching heat are exhausting, but the participants know exactly what they are taking on the strain for: "It is about a collective defense of our habitat," they say, "so we must master all the techniques of self-defense with which we defend ourselves and our surroundings. Even if the training is hard and cannot be compared with what we used to understand by training, the efforts are fun," says Samir Heye.