Mothers of SDF fighters: We will fight alongside our children

As the Turkish state increasingly continues with its threats to invade North and East Syria, people in the region stand up against a possible invasion attempt.

Mothers of fighters in the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spoke to ANHA and gave message of resistance against Turkish invasion to the end.

Bedîa Emîn said that; “We will never give up on defense and we will be standing with our military force SDF.”

Recalling that SDF fighters have cleared the region of ISIS, the mother said; “We are living in peace and safety today thanks to our young fighters. Let Erdoğan know this; we will not leave our children alone in the battlefield. We will do our utmost; both materially and morally. We will never hesitate to sacrifice our lives for our youth. SDF fighters are never alone. We, their mothers, will be standing behind them with all our might.”

Another mother, Munteha Enzî, stressed that Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Chechen, Assyrian and all other peoples will get united and defend their lands to the very end alongside the SDF fighters.”

Surya Cuma also expressed their support for the SDF and said; “We live on these lands. We did not attack anyone, but the Turkish state still threatens us. International community should not be silent on this.”