MSD expresses solidarity with popular demonstrations in Syria, calls for a political solution

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) released a statement regarding the peaceful popular demonstrations in various Syrian cities and called for a political solution in the face of the existing problems.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) released a statement regarding the peaceful popular demonstrations in various Syrian cities.

The statement on Friday pointed out that the MSD was closely following the latest developments in various Syrian cities that erupted as a result of the deterioration of the Syrian peoples’ living conditions and lack of economic and political stability, which have caused anger among the people, saying the following:

“Syrian society is experiencing the bitterness of the war that has split the country and displaced more than half of the population who live in the worst humanitarian conditions throughout its modern history. The government in Damascus produces no solutions in the face of this dangerous situation at a time of widespread poverty, corruption, and economic crisis.

MSD stands in solidarity with all the demonstrations where the people of Syria express their discontent and rejection of the policies of the Damascus government and voice their demands. MSD condemns the suppression of demonstrations and the use of violence against citizens. It calls on the government to respect the right to peaceful protest in accordance with international laws, to release the arbitrarily arrested and detained persons, and to start a new, transparent process that will end the conflict, build a democratic system and achieve justice for all.

MSD condemns in the strongest terms the armed attacks directed against demonstrators and affirms its support for peaceful demonstrations.

The people organizing peaceful demonstrations in the coastal cities of Aleppo, Al-Suwayda and Daraa not to fall into the conflicts sparked by the government and its security institutions on one hand, and by Turkey and the pro-ikhwan movement on the other, so that these groups and organizations do not cause the Syrians to suffer as they once did.

MSD stresses the importance of a political solution and a national stand representing Syrians in the face of the seriousness of the situation in the country. There is a need for a joint effort to bring the war and humanitarian crisis to an end. We once again affirm our support for these protests and the rightful demands of the protesters, and we call on all Syrians to show solidarity with them."