MSD: International silence motivates Turkey to commit more crimes

MSD said that Turkey's increasingly ongoing attacks constitute a violation of international law and the agreements that Ankara held with Washington and Moscow at the end of October last year.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) released a statement on yesterday’s deadly attack carried out by an armed UAV of the Turkish army in the village of Hallinj, east of Kobani. The attack resulted in the martyrdom of three women working in the field of defending and empowering women’s freedom as members of Kongra Star/Women’s Conference.

The statement by MSD reads as follows:

“We, in the Syrian Democratic Council, offer condolences to the families of the martyrs, wish an urgent recovery for the wounded. We condemn this brutal act that reveals the mentality of crime and bullying in Erdogan’s Turkey. We confirm that this crime is a link in chain of crimes carried out by the fascist regime in Ankara, from Kurdistan region of Iraq to north and east of Syria to Libya, Yemen and other places which Ankara is preparing to get involved in; launching its dark political project called ” the New Ottoman”. Not to mention that with these crimes, the Erdogan regime intends to get through the tunnel of problems and crises it experiences in its own territory. This crime is a violation of international law and the agreements that Ankara held with Washington and Moscow during Turkey’s occupation of Ras al-Ain (Serêkaniyê) and Tal Abyad (Girê Spî) at the end of October last year.

We once again call on our Syrian people, their national forces from al-Jazeera to Houran and Quneitra to stand together against Turkey to end its occupation of Syrian lands. We also urge the United Nations and the Security Council, in particular the United States of America and the Russian Federation, the Arab League, human rights organizations and civil society to stop the machine of destruction practiced by the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries in the occupied Syrian regions, foremost of which is Afrin, which suffers from occupation and mercenary groups together, and to bring these mercenaries and groups to justice, because the international silence regarding Turkey’s crimes in Syria and the general region motivates it to commit more crimes.”