MSD: ISIS benefits from the conflicts between the great powers

There is no way to eliminate ISIS except for a political solution and democratic transition, the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) said, insisting that the group takes advantage of the conflicts between the great powers.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) condemned the latest Turkish attack on the Gir Kendal village of Dêrik, pointing out that serious political solutions should be introduced in Syria.

Concerning the ISIS attack on the Sinaa Prison, the MSD noted that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Internal Security Forces repelled the attack and restored order inside the prison.

Defining the ISIS attack as a "dangerous event", the MSD said, “The ISIS attack showed that the group could not reorganize itself in the region and tried to assert dominance on the ground in order to spread its ideology.

“ISIS has taken advantage of the conflicts between the great powers in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. The group has particularly benefited from the conflicts between the forces that intervened in Syria yet made no political progress so far. Furthermore, it has taken advantage of the deadlock in negotiation talks on the Syrian crisis, the international meetings in Astana and Geneva where no results came out, the hostility of many regional powers, particularly of the Turkish state, against the Autonomous Administration, the Turkish attacks against the SDF and the political uncertainty in Iraq. The Syrian regime also tried to take advantage of these attacks and to cause strife among the peoples of north-eastern Syria,” the MSD statement released on Thursday said.

The MSD praised the support given by local tribes to the SDF and the resistance of the SDF and the Internal and Security Forces.

The MSD called on the International Coalition, notably the US and Russia, to comply with the ceasefire agreement signed in October 2019. It also urged the UN Security Council to oppose the Turkish hostility against the region.

The Council called on the international community to raise concern over the ISIS threat and provide support against dangers.

The Syrian Democratic Council emphasized that serious political steps should be taken to end the Syrian civil war, adding, “The solution must be in accordance with the international extradition law No. 2254. There is no way to eliminate ISIS and to resolve the Syrian crisis except for a political solution and a democratic transition.”