MSD Spokesperson: Turkey’s threats continue despite the agreement

MSD Spokesperson Emced Osman stated that in line with the agreement made with Turkey through the US, local military councils would be stationed at the border, adding that despite this agreement Turkey continued its threats.

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Spokesperson Emced Osman spoke to ANHA about the Turkish state’s invasion threats against North and East Syria and the “safe zone”.

Osman remarked that the “safe zone” issue was brought to agenda through the US in the face of Turkey’s invasion threats. He emphasised that MSD has always opted for diplomacy and dialogue for the solution of the problems in Syria.

Osman told that during the talks held with Turkey through the US, agreement has been reached on some points like Turkey’s restriction of its tendencies against North and East Syria.

With the agreement reached on some points, Turkey’s threats against the region could be averted for a while, he noted.

“Those engaged in crime will face trial”

Osman said that Syrian Democratic Forces have been able to hinder the attempts to change the demographic make-up of the region. He pointed out that they would pave the way in order for every Syrian citizen to return home. He added that during the talks it was also agreed that those who committed a crime against the Autonomous Administration would face the necessary measures and face trial in the event of returning home.

“Threats continue”

Osman stated that the Turkish state continued with its threats despite the agreement reached between SDF and Turkey through the US, and continued; “Turkey will not end its threats and will try to seize any opportunity. For this reason, we should be in constant sensitivity and effort of having good relationships against Turkey’s threats.”

“SDF’s proposals came to life”

According to the agreement made by the SDF and Turkey through the US, local military councils will be stationed in the areas from which YPG/YPJ fighters have retreated, said Osman and added; “This was SDF’s proposal. It will be acted in accordance with this proposal in 5 km depth.”

Osman remarked that the Autonomous Administration kept its door open to everyone who wanted to make an effort for the solution of the Syrian crisis, noting that they were ready to develop dialogue with all parties for a permanent solution.

“Every Syrian citizen has the right to return home”

Responding to the allegations that the Syrian refugees in Turkey will be settled in the “safe zone”, Osman stated that with these reports the Turkish mainstream media aimed to set the people of the region against one another.

“We did not accept this project. Every Syrian citizen has the right to return home. However, attempts to change the structure of Syria must be avoided,” he added.

MSD Spokesman ended his words by calling on the peoples of North and East Syria to return home, promising that the Autonomous Administration would provide the necessary support.