‘National Initiative for Kurdish Unity’ founded in Rojava

A ‘National Initiative for Kurdish Unity’ has been founded in Rojava. The group wants to work to overcome the dissension of the political actors and promote dialogue.

A ‘National Initiative for Kurdish Unity’ has been founded in Rojava. The impulse for this was given by leading personalities from science, art, culture, social life and religious opinion leaders. The initiative has set itself the goal of stabilizing an internal Kurdish cooperation. "This is intended to promote dialogue and to consolidate a common Kurdish policy", said journalist Melevan Resul in a press conference of the Initiative in Qamishlo city.

A statement read out in the name of the campaign includes the following:

"The Middle East is going through an extremely critical process. The reason for the crisis is the fact that regional and international forces have yet not given up their past interests. Our region has long been exposed to crises, rights violations and conflicts. If no action is taken, moral values and international law will be further undermined. Greater dangers, to which the entire population will be sacrificed, will be the result.

The Kurdish people have paid a high price and they have been sacrificed to this opportunistic policy. Now it was finally time to form a unity. Otherwise, a seemingly endless war will escalate, and the Middle East will never find peace. It is the responsibility of all Kurdish patriots to prevent this. Everyone must fulfil his role and mission. We as political circles and social activists consider ourselves to have responsibility for the development of internal Kurdish dialogue. In this way, a ground must be prepared in Rojava and the struggle of the Kurdish people must be developed. There is a need to develop a joint road map. This is a part of our responsibility toward our people and martyrs of revolution. On this basis, it is essential to build social consensus, form a commission for a Kurdish National Congress and sign a joint text.

We are aware of the weight of the burden we have put on our shoulders. We will never shirk this responsibility. We define this work as a social initiative. We congratulate the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) over the efforts they have made in this regard. All political and social circles appreciate their efforts in the defence of social values. With our initiative we are taking a complementary step, we are not acting in the interests of any political party or specific individuals. Our public effort is exclusively aimed at building the unity of the Kurdish people. All the points of this declaration reflect the opinions and attitude of the Rojava people.

1-The Kurdish people in Syria are an ancient people who live as brothers and sisters with the other peoples of Rojava Kurdistan. This social and cultural heritage must be preserved and developed.

2- We support all the efforts that have been made so far to strengthen Kurdish unity, especially initiatives by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

3-We emphasise the importance of protecting all the military and administrative achievements, mainly those made by the armed defense forces who became the symbol of the Kurds in Syria.

4- We support the convening of a Kurdish National Conference or similar wide-attended meeting with the participation of all parties, political forces and civil society actors in Rojava Kurdistan aiming to establish a political common ground among the Kurds.

5- We support a struggle in the name of all patriots to secure the rights of all those who resist the oppression and occupation in Syria, the rights of the Kurds and all other components.

6- On the basis of the points mentioned above, a commission (Goodwill Committee) will be founded in the soonest time, set to work and operate within the scope of a certain mechanism. It is evident that there is a need for an urgent action in consideration of international, regional and internal factors. For this reason, In this sense, we expect all patriots, parties, institutions, civil society organisations, activists and leaders of society to play an active role in line with our demands. We can overcome all difficulties and obstacles together and restore the values of democracy and peace in the future of the Kurdish nation.”