Naturopathy center in Aleppo

A naturopathy center was founded five years ago for the population of the self-governing districts in Aleppo. The employees research their grandmothers' healing methods and the patients are satisfied.

In the autonomous region of North and East Syria, alternative healing methods are increasingly being researched and used in addition to traditional medicine. A naturopathy center was founded five years ago for the self-governing districts of Shexmeqsûd and Esrefiye in Aleppo.

Employee Rîham Hemreş told ANF: "At a time when society is turning to hospitals, we have decided to look at the legacy of our grandmothers and mothers and dedicate ourselves to natural medicine. Some chemical medications can provide quick results, but their side effects spread throughout the body over time. Treatment with natural medicine is lengthier, but does not cause any side effects and does not harm the patient. Naturopathy used to be very popular. Demand declined over time. We need to raise society’s awareness in order to strengthen belief in naturopathy again."

Rîham Hemreş said that they benefit from the experiences of wise people: "We also draw conclusions by researching the benefits of plant varieties. Or we deal with the causes of diseases. Researching a correct diagnosis and using the knowledge of experienced people has improved our work."

Treatment methods have been developed that prevent diabetes, bone diseases, body inflammation, skin diseases and obesity, explained Rîham Hemreş. The patients who contacted the naturopathy center were satisfied with the treatment method and the results of the treatment. Most of the plants used in the treatment come from Shehba. The center also provides information on disease prevention and treatment methods and training. Body pain is also relieved with physiotherapy. According to Rîham Hemreş, the principle applies that every person gets the treatment they need: "Natural medicine contributes to social health."