Nearly 30 pro-Iran militia members died in Israeli attacks in Syria, says SOHR

The SOHR reported that 23 Iranian militia members were killed in air strikes "probably by Israel" in eastern Syria, and 4 people died in other attacks near Aleppo.

In a statement, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said: "23 Iran-linked fighters, including five Syrians, four Lebanese Hezbollah members, six Iraqis and eight Iranians, were killed, in at least nine airstrikes targeting military positions near the Iraqi border." The statement added that approximately 20 people were injured.

SOHR director Rami Abdul Rahman told AFP that the attacks were "probably carried out by Israel".

A US military official, who wished to remain anonymous, told AFP that "they did not carry out any defensive strikes" during the night from Friday to Saturday.

Israeli air strikes in Syria have escalated since the start of the war against Gaza on 7 October.

SOHR said that a weapons shipment and an ammunition depot coming from Iraq were also targeted, and large explosions were heard.

Late on Saturday, SOHR said that "Israeli missiles" targeted "warehouses and bases of pro-Iran groups" in an area in northern Syria near Aleppo airport, killing 4 fighters.

Also on Friday night, "Israeli ground bombardments" killed two fighters from a group affiliated with Lebanese Hezbollah in the southern province of Quneitra”.