NES Women’s Council condemns the operation against HDP

The Women’s Council called for international action against the crimes and attacks of the Turkish state in North-East Syria.

The Women’s Council of North and East Syria has released a statement condemning the latest political genocide operation of Turkey’s AKP-MHP government against the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).

The statement remarked that the operations show the Turkish state’s distance from democracy, saying: “The Turkish state doesn’t even bother to conceal its support for ISIS anymore.”

Recalling that a number of HDP politicians have been arrested on the grounds of the demonstrations held in solidarity with Kobanê in 2014, the statement continued:

“As the Women’s Council of North and East Syria, we condemn the Turkish state’s attacks against the HDP, civil society organizations, women’s and legal organizations and neighboring countries. We call upon the international community to take action to stop these attacks of the Turkish state and to stand against its Ottoman project.”