New faculties and departments at Rojava and Al Sharq universities

Some departments and two faculties were opened at Rojava University, while one faculty was opened at Al Sharq University.

Northern and Eastern Syria Universities Coordination has made new arrangements for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Faculties of Literature and Social Sciences were separated from each other at Rojava University. The Faculty of Language and Literature has 3 departments; Kurdish Literature, Arabic Literature and translation.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has departments of Philosophy, Jineoloji, Social Science, History and Geography. Culture and Art courses are offered at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

At the same time, three new departments were opened in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Al Sharq University; Laboratory, Radiology, Intensive Care.

Kobanê University offers the same diplomas it offered last year.

With the new additions, Rojava University now has12 faculties and 3 institutes. Kobanê University has 3 faculties and 5 institutes, and Al-Serq University has 7 faculties and 2 institutes.

University registration procedures will be completed by 16 September at the main buildings of the Rojava University in Qamishlo, the Kobanê University in Kobanê, and the Al Sharq University in Raqqa, as well as at the headquarters of KPC in the al-Ehdas region of Shehba.