'Kurdish National Unity Parties' formed in North-East Syria

The establishment of a new structure called "Kurdish National Unity Parties" was announced.

Kurdish political forces and parties in northern and eastern Syria brought the national unity efforts to the next stage and gave birth to a formation called the "Kurdish National Unity Parties".

After the meeting held on Tuesday in Qamishlo and joined by 25 Kurdish political movements and organisations in northern and eastern Syria, the participants moved towards the next stage in the efforts to build the Kurdish national unity.

The establishment of a new structure called "Kurdish National Unity Parties" was announced.

The statement made after the meeting said: "A meeting was held in Qamishlo on 18 May following and in order to support the initiative prompted by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Within the scope of the initiative talks were held among all political parties and organisations both within and out of the Democratic Autonomy Government to discuss the current situation in Syria and the region.

The following decisions were taken at the meeting:

- To follow the developments related to the unity of the Kurds, joint work will be carried out under the name of "Kurdish National Unity Parties" and this structure will be represented by a committee.

- Our name and logo is "Kurdish National Unity Parties".

- Representatives of these parties will hold periodic meetings to carry out joint discussions on developments and events on the ground."

The names of the parties joining the new structure are as follows:

- Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

- Democratic Union Party (PYD)

- Kongra Star

- Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (P.D.K.S)

- Kurdistan Green Party

- Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria

- Kurdish Left Party in Syria

- Kurdistan Liberal Party

- Kurdistan Brotherhood Party (PBK)

- The Kurdish National Party in Syria

- Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

- The Modern Kurdistan-Syria Movement

- The Democratic Struggle Party

- Free Kurdistan Freedom Party

- Free West National Union Party

- Republican Party of Kurdistan-Syria

- Reform Movement-Syria

- Kurdistan Communist Party (KKP)

- Democratic Sun Party in Syria

- The Future Movement of Kurdistan

- Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria

- Kurdistan Workers' Union (YKK)

- Kurdistan National Assembly Party

- Kurdish Democratic Reconciliation Party in Syria

- Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Party)