Northern and Eastern Syrian Internal Security Forces pay tribute to martyr El Hemid

Northern and Eastern Syrian Internal Security Forces said that their member Ebdusemed El Hemid fell as a martyr as a result of an armed attack in Raqqa on 6 February.

Northern and Eastern Syria Internal Security Forces Press Liaison Center said in a statement: "Our member Ebdusemed El Hemûd fell as a martyr in Raqqa while fulfilling his duty towards his people and land. He died on 6 February."

The statement said: "Our comrade has carried out his work with great devotion since the day he joined our ranks. He was an active and influential member, always striving to improve himself and offer the best for his country. He was fulfilling his duty and was always ready for the security of the country. He defended the security of his country until his death."

The identity information of the martyr is as follows:

Name and surname: Ebdusemed El Hemud

Father's name: Hemud

Mother's name: Helîme

Place and date of participation: Raqqa, 08-03-2020

Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa, 06-02-2024