Occupation forces set fire to fields in Zirgan

As part of its occupation strategy, Turkey is deliberately setting fire to cultivated areas in the autonomous region of North-East Syria. After Til Temir, the agricultural lands in Zirgan region are now on fire.

Turkish forces and allied mercenaries continue to target the fields of the people in northern Syria in an attempt to starve the population whom they want to expel from the region as part of their genocidal war ongoing since October 2019.

The occupant Turkish army and Islamist proxies have started fires in the fields in the vicinity of the Zirgan town on Sunday. The aggression targeted the agricultural lands in the villages of Aniq al-Hawa and Til Mihemed. Fires continue to rage in the region.

Earlier today, the occupation forces set fire to fields in the villages of Til Temir (Tal Tamr) Saturday morning by artillery fire. The villages affected are Erîşa, Dawidiyê, Sîbatiyê, Ezîziyê, Reyhaniyê, Qasimiyê and Um El-Kêf. Flames have spread to the agricultural lands in the surrounding villages.

The targeted arson in the areas in northern Syria is part of the Turkish occupation strategy. The people in the autonomous region are wanted to be starved, demoralised and driven out. In Sherawa district of Afrin, a 22-year-old man was fatally injured on Friday during fire-fighting operations. His death is one of countless other war crimes committed by the Turkish state and its jihadist auxiliary troops against the civilian population in northern and eastern Syria, which have been de facto approved by the international community.