Occupiers set cultivated land on fire in Til Berak

Invaders set agricultural lands on fire in Şêrawa, while 440 acres of cultivated land in Til Berak have been reduced to ashes.

The invading Turkish state and its mercenary allies set fire on agricultural land in Şêrawa district of Afrin.

A fire was started by the invaders destroying agricultural lands in the villages of Basla and Bênê in  Shêrawa.

As the flames spread over a wide area, firefighters and people are struggling to extinguish the fire.

440 acres of cultivated land reduced to ashes in Til Berak

On the other hand, the fire that broke out in the villages of Etşanê and Xazokê in Til Berak (Qamishlo) was eventually controlled by firefighters.

As a result of the fire, 220 acres of barley and wheat cultivated land were reduced into ashes in the village of Xazokê and 200 acres in the village of Etşanê.

An investigation was launched by the Internal Security Forces after the fire.