Operation Security Reinforcement in Deir ez-Zor successfully completed

Announcing the end of Operation Security Reinforcement, the SDF reaffirmed their commitment to intensify their efforts against all criminal elements and ISIS cells to ensure security and stability in the region.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement announcing the completion of Operation Security Reinforcement in Deir ez-Zor, and a transition to specific security operations and anti-ISIS efforts in the region.

The SDF statement released on Friday includes the following:

“Last month, on August 27, our SDF forces launched a security and military operation called Operation Security Reinforcement led by the Deir ez-Zor Military Council, against the ISIS cells that conducted more than 60 terrorist acts against our security forces and the populace of the region, and to track down the narcotics traffickers and wanted criminal elements in Deir ez-Zor area.

Two days after launching the operation, our forces apprehended several ISIS terrorists and narcotics traffickers and combed more than 90 villages in the western and northern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

Nevertheless, some external actors, particularly the security apparatus affiliated with the Syrian regime found that the success of this operation is the failure of their schemes and plots in the region. Therefore, they hastened to redirect events in another direction and began involving some of their loyal figures, introducing armed elements into the villages of Deir ez-Zor by infiltrating from the western bank of the Euphrates and uniting with the armed cells affiliated with the regime under the name of the ‘Tribal Army,’ which is a security organization directly linked to the regime.

The following are the facts regarding Operation Security Reinforcement:

-The primary objective of the operation was to target ISIS cells. However, when the Syrian regime became involved by sending armed groups and attempting to incite sedition, the operation escalated into clashes with these intruding groups.

-In the Deir ez-Zor area, which comprises 125 villages under the control of the SDF-led Deir ez-Zor Military Council, only five villages were infiltrated by these armed groups.

-Initially, our forces prioritized wisdom and restraint over firmness and decisiveness in dealing with this type of tension. However, these armed groups engaged in looting and destruction of civic services, including the water station in Dhiban town, putting the lives of local inhabitants at risk. The populace called upon our SDF for decisive intervention. Consequently, our SDF forces heeded their call, successfully reclaiming the five villages and expelling the intruding armed groups. Some of them surrendered, while others fled to areas controlled by the Syrian regime on the west bank of the Euphrates.

– Since its establishment, SDF forces hadn’t witnessed such a fierce offensive, employing all malign means and media through disinformation, propaganda, and false news to incite sedition. However, our SDF forces acted with rationality, showing wisdom, decisiveness, and professionalism in thwarting this malign scheme, thanks to the awareness of our populace.

– The positive and continuous communication between the SDF and the local tribes in NE Syria has played a crucial role in foiling the schemes of the malign external regimes, the Syrian regime and the Turkish Occupation regime, who tirelessly sought to incite discord in our regions.

– Throughout the operation, our forces convened a meeting with the tribal leaders, including the Sheiks of the al-Akaidat tribe, as well as representatives from the international coalition. The meeting unanimously highlighted the importance of decisively cutting off this malign scheme and restoring security and stability to the region.

– The recent events that happened in the four villages exposed the malign and lurking intentions of the external entities against the Deir ez-Zor area and its populace.

– Coinciding with the operation, the Turkish-backed mercenaries launched a series of attacks on the countryside of Manbij, Tal Tamir, Ain Issa, and Tal Abyad. However, our forces with all their military councils thwarted all those attacks, inflicting heavy losses among the mercenaries.

Today, following the successful clearance of villages from the intruding armed groups, we proudly announce the completion of Operation Security Reinforcement in Deir ez-Zor, and a transition to specific security operations and anti-ISIS efforts in the region.

We commend the heroism and sacrifices of our brave fighters and commanders, the local populace, and community leaders who provided invaluable support and facilitation for our forces throughout this operation. Regrettably, nine civilians lost their lives due to heavy weaponry attacks, such as shoulder-mounted rockets launched by the intruding armed groups in the villages – a fact corroborated by video evidence. Additionally, we mourn 25 fighters of our SDF who were martyred while defending their areas and people against the intruding armed groups.

During the operation, 23 armed members were neutralized. Four Syrian regime-backed NDF, two ISIS terrorists, and fifteen intruding armed elements were apprehended. In addition, large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and explosives were confiscated.

In conclusion, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the people and community leaders in Deir ez-Zor for their steadfast support of our forces against this attempted sedition. Our SDF forces reaffirm our commitment to intensify our efforts against all criminal elements and ISIS cells to ensure security and stability in the region. We will act decisively against those who collaborated with the hostile entities.”