Organized society is the guarantee of communal society

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) has continued its organizational activities with different professional associations in Aleppo's Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiyah neighborhoods in 2020.

Society is organized from bottom to top in a democratic nation system. Unions based on democratic communal life are developed on the basis of democratic society and nation principles.


TEV-DEM Aleppo branch co-chair Suad Hesen pointed out that they seek to create a fully organized society with the aim of creating an ethical and democratic society that includes all segments: “The assembly and communes should not remain unorganized. We have developed different projects for the people to be engaged in the system more actively. TEV-DEM has placed importance on the formation of unions in 2020. Within this framework, nearly 25 unions were formed,” Hesen said.

Hesen revealed that in 2020, unions were established in 18 different fields, including pharmacies, health workers, laborers, artists, teachers, trade and coffeehouses, adding that Aleppo Yazidi House also supported these unions.

Suad Hesen said that the formed unions played an important role in the development of communal consciousness and spirit in the society. ‘’The coronavirus epidemic, which spread in 2020, made this year extremely difficult in terms of psychological, material and moral problems experienced for various reasons. Clothing manufacturers’ associations distributed disinfectants to families in neighborhoods. The Pharmacists Association distributed 120 first aid kits. The union also undertook the expenses of some patients with the aid from the communes and the people,” Hesen noted.


Suad Hesen remarked that, in a planning they made in cooperation with the Doctors' Association, workers and teachers were registered for health records in order to provide half of doctors’ salaries.

Hesen stated that the efforts to establish unions will continue in the new year and that the Union of Craftsmen is in the process of establishment and  Chambers of Industry and Commerce was also presented support.