Osman: Turkish regime deeply fears the power of women, that's why they attack us

Halime Mihemed Osman had her right leg amputated as a result of a drone attack carried out by the Turkish state.

The attack carried out on Friday, was the 93rd that Turkey launched against the autonomous region of Northern and Eastern Syria since the beginning of the year.

Halime Mihemed Osman and her husband Elî Mistefa Osman were returning home when their vehicle was targeted by a Turkish state drone near the village of Ênbetê (Ayn Al Batt), around twenty kilometers east of the city center of Kobanê.

Osman's husband was driving and was injured on his head, eye, arm and leg. However, he managed to free himself from the car, in time to save the mother of their five children. Shortly after the drone hit it, the family vehicle caught fire. A short time later, it was completely engulfed in flames.

Halime Mihemed Osman had just been freed. An ambulance that was called eventually took the couple to a nearby hospital. There, Halime Mihemed Osman had her right leg amputated. However, she showed herself to be combative despite the severe blow.

"You cannot break our will, not through such attacks," the women’s rights activist told a reporter from ANAH news agency from her hospital bed.

"We know that the Turkish state's intention is to destroy the Kurds. To achieve this goal, the strategy of expulsion is pursued, among other things. But we will not give up our country. No matter how brutal the bombings are."

Elî Mistefa Osman added: "There is relative security and stability in the regions of Northern and Eastern Syria. This calm is disrupted by the constant attacks from Turkey and its allies. However, we will not allow ourselves to be discouraged and will continue to defend our dignity in the spirit of Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm."

Osman saw the attack that seriously injured her as an expression of the Turkish regime's “deep fear” of the “power of women.” That is why it is often the women of Northern and Eastern Syria who are targeted by the occupiers. It is not for nothing that the drone attack on 23 June 2020 in Helîncê, which also marked the start of Turkey's air war against Northern and Eastern Syria, which violates international law, was directed against three representatives of the Rojava women's movement, said Osman. "We never tire of pointing out this fact and calling on international organizations to fulfill their obligations so that international humanitarian law also applies to us Kurds."