“Our resistance will continue in the spirit of August 15”

People of Qamishlo and Amude have joined the human shield action in Serekaniye and vowed to resist Turkey’s attacks in the spirit of August 15.

The human shield action launched in Serekaniye city of Heseke Canton in response to Turkey’s attacks and threats of invasion against North and East Syria, continues on day 8.

Many people from Qamishlo and Amude have joined the action today while members of Democratic Islamic Society Congress and Cizire Region Committee for Economy and Agriculture paid a solidarity visit to the activists.

Speeches made by the activists saluted PKK’s August 15 Initiative, the first shot fired at the Turkish army under the lead of commander Agit (Mahsum Korkmaz) in North Kurdistan in 1984, and vowed to keep the resistance going in the spirit of August 15.

Democratic Islamic Society Congress member Heysem Xelil said; “We stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters today. The threats and increased military build-up expose the tyrant and cruel nature of the Turkish state. Erdoğan claims to be defending Islam but he attacks and massacres Muslims in North and East Syria.”

Calling on the Islam world to stand against Turkey’s attacks, Xelil added; “What Erdoğan wants to do today is to subject the people of North and East Syria to a massacre as what was done by the Ottoman Empire.”

The human shield action will continue with celebrations to mark August 15 in the evening.