Peace Mothers: We will not leave until we receive the bodies of martyrs

Kurdish, Yazidi and Arab mothers from Rojava, carrying out a protest at Semalka for 63 days to receive the bodies of their children who were martyred by the KDP in Xelîfan, insist that they will not stop their protest until they receive the bodies.

On October 5, 2021, the Cizire Region Martyrs' Families Assembly launched a protest on the Rojava (West) and Bashur (South) Kurdistan border demanding the return of the mortal remains of the guerrillas martyred by the KDP forces in an ambush in Xelîfan. The mothers who have been protesting at Semalka for two months, crossed the border three times and wanted to submit a letter to officials at the Faysh Khabur Border Crossing. However, the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) forces pointed guns at the mothers who demanded peace through their letter.

Mothers Xerma Elî (Kurdish), Umeyre Hasan Al Habib (Arab) and Caziye Hewran (Yazidi) spoke to ANF about their protest at Semalka, their demands and the KDP's long-standing betrayal.



Xerma Elî said that the KDP has been attacking the guerrillas for years. “Thousands of guerrillas fell martyrs in the KDP's attacks. KDP's betrayal is a historical fact. Many of the mortal remains are still missing. There are also many martyrs from Rojava among them. Their families keep asking for the mortal remains. We crossed the border three times and wanted to submit our letter to the KDP officials. However, the peshmerga treated us disrespectfully and said that ‘The bodies are not in Bashur, they are in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan)’.”

Xerma Elî revealed that the mortal remains of the guerrillas were not handed over so that it would not be understood that the KDP forces massacred them and added that KDP was covering up its crimes.

“The Kurdish people should remain alert and on the streets until the bodies of the martyrs are returned. Let's come together for Kurdish national unity against betrayal and occupation as the Turkish state seeks to destroy the Kurdish people through its attacks. They were defeated in the Free Kurdistan Mountains. We shall always remain alert and increase our struggle,” Xerma Elî said, addressing the Kurdish people.



Umeye Hasan Al Habib, an Arab mother, said that non-delivery of the bodies is betrayal and called for the KDP to deliver the bodies of the martyrs.


Caziye Hewran told ANF that they are demonstrating in order to receive the guerrilla bodies. “Don't they know how devastated the mothers are? Do they not fear God? We have been holding a protest with the mothers for two months. We know that they have the bodies of our children. We will not leave until we receive our bodies,” she insisted.

Hewran said that her brother was martyred along with 24 of his fellow fighters by the KDP in the 90s and that they could not reach him despite their search for 25-30 years. She emphasized that the KDP’s betrayal is a historical fact.

Pointing out that the Turkish forces supported the KDP in order to divide the Kurdish people, Hewran urged the KDP to abandon its collaborative policies.

Hewran remarked that the KDP has betrayed the Yazidi people throughout history. “The betrayal of the KDP against the Yazidis is known. 12 thousand peshmergas handed Shengal over to ISIS. Shengal women and girls were sold in slave markets. The whereabouts of most of them is still unknown. This betrayal was witnessed by the Yazidi people and the whole world. No one will forget this betrayal by the KDP. Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan's ideas and philosophy have become popular among the people of Shengal and given them hope. The Yazidi people will not accept the betrayal.”


Caziye Hewran addressed the Kurdish people, saying, “Honourable Kurdish people, do not make common cause with the enemy. With the ideas of Öcalan, we can protect all the segments of the people and the four parts of Kurdistan. No matter what happens, we will not leave our martyrs and our lands to them. I am calling out to the KDP officials. The Kurdish people are not what they used to be in the past.”