People in North-East Syria take to the streets against international conspiracy

People took to the streets in various places in North-East Syria to denounce the international conspiracy against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan.

People in Qamishlo, Amude, Çila Axa, Girkê Legê, Derik, Til Birak, Til Hemîs, Tirbespyê, and Til Koçber protested the international conspiracy against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan today.

The action was organized by the people of Qamishlo, Autonomous Administration institutions, non-governmental groups, and political parties. The demonstration began with a march from Munîr Hebîb Junction and reached the UN in the Siyahide District.

TEV-DEM co-chair Xerîp Hiso said: "While the chaos in the Middle East deepens due to the conspiratorial states' policies, the desire to remove Leader Öcalan from the peoples of the Middle East deepens the chaos even more. Öcalan has been fighting for 22 years in the Imrali jail against the Turkish state's isolation regime."

Xerip Hiso added that Abdullah Öcalan will undoubtedly regain his freedom within the framework of the "Dem Dema Azadiyê" movement and that the people of the region will continue their resistance against the conspiracy states.

At the end of his speech, Xerip Hiso asked other states to oppose the Turkish state's fascist structure and policies.


Citizens in Amude also marched in protest of the international conspiracy, calling on the international community and human rights organizations to take their responsibilities.

The march began in front of the Martyrs' Families Assembly and finished in front of the Free Women's Square.

Speaking at the march, Amude Assembly executive member, Sabir Mihemmed, remarked that the conspirators carried out the conspiracy in order to destroy the people's will and stop the spreading of Abdullah Öcalan's ideas and philosophy. He stated that the beginning of the Rojava revolution was the answer to all of the conspirators.


Kurdish, Arab, and Assyrian peoples congregated in Tirbespiyê in front of the Kongreya Star Center as well. People marched towards the district's main streets. Because of the large turnout, the march was transformed into a rally. Buşra Elî, executive member of Kongreya Star Tirbespiyê, condemned the International Conspiracy in a brief speech at the event.

Bushra Elî said that "capitalist forces want the peoples to remain slaves and under oppression. The conspiracy was carried out for the interests of the Middle East's hegemonic powers and capitalist modernization forces."

Following the event, PYD member Silêman Hisên said: "The conspirators seek to undermine the desire of the peoples as well as the gains made as a result of Leader Öcalan's ideas and ideology. In this scenario, the Turkish state launched strikes on Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi. The only way to preserve Leader Öcalan's physical independence is for the peoples to unite."


The people of Çilaxa gathered at the Martyr Mesûm Junction and marched towards the main streets and held a rally. Çilaxa Teachers Union executive member Nezha Seyfudîn said that Abdullah Öcalan turned Imralı into a class and taught the entire world how to struggle against capitalism modernity states."

Following that, Martyrs Families’ Council member Hisên Îsa said that the people's acceptance of Abdullah Öcalan's doctrine and ideas in the Leader rendered the conspiracies useless.


Opinion leaders, party members, and Til Birak residents marched and chanted slogans criticizing the Turkish invasion and the international conspiracy. Speaking at the event, Til Birak District Council co-chair Emine Xelîf praised Leader Abdullah Öcalan's historical fight. Rusel Hesen, executive member of Til Birak Women's House, said: "The conspiracy was not only directed against Leader Öcalan, but also against all the victories of the revolution, the Kurdish people, and the freedom-lover peoples. Our battle will continue until Leader Öcalan's freedom is attained and our occupied lands are liberated."


The conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan was condemned with slogans throughout the march, which began at the Martyr Xebat intersection and went towards the main street.

Speaking at the demonstration, Democratic Union Party member Diyar Ehmed said that the conspiracy's goal was to prevent Abdullah Öcalan's doctrine from reaching the peoples of the Middle East and to impose the capitalist nations' colonial system on the peoples.


The people of Derik and Koçerat gathered to the Semalka Border Gate tent action organized by the Cizre Region Martyrs' Families Council.

Mihemmed Ebdullah, a member of the Dêrik Martyrs’ Families Council, urged the people of Northern and Eastern Syria to stand up against the conspiracy.

"Although 23 years have gone by since the conspiracy, the barbaric attacks against Kurdistan continue," said Kongreya Star executive member Şadiye Yûsiv.

Mutî Eli, speaking on behalf of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), said that demonstrations for Abdullah Öcalan's freedom continued, and added that "the Middle East problem cannot be solved unless the Leader is freed."

The tent action continues on its fifth day.