‘People in Shehba will face a major disaster if the embargo continues’

Making a statement following the suspension of education in schools in Afrin and Shehba Canton due to the embargo imposed by the Damascus government, the Municipal Council warned that if the embargo continues, the people will face a major disaster.

The Damascus government, which has imposed a heavy embargo on Afrin and Shehba Canton, does not allow basic foodstuffs, children's supplies and fuel to enter the canton.

As a result of the depletion of the diesel needed for transport and electricity generation, education in schools has been suspended.

Speaking to ANHA, Mihemed Şêxo, Co-Chairman of the Board of Municipalities of Afrin and Shehba Canton, said: "The work of municipalities is very difficult. Our duty is to serve the people. However, we are experiencing great difficulties due to the embargo. This is not the first embargo imposed by the Damascus government. There has been an embargo for 6 years."

Şêxo stated that the Damascus government started to impose an embargo on the canton again and pointed out that the projects and programmes of the municipalities were halted due to this reason. "Most recently, we have stopped our construction and repair projects due to the embargo and lack of fuel. According to our planning, we were set to finish our projects before winter, but the embargo blocked our work. For three days, electricity has been reduced from 4 hours to 2 hours."

According to ANHA, the electricity in Shehba has been completely cut off.

 Şêxo warned that if the embargo continues, major disasters will occur, especially in the winter months.

Calling on international humanitarian organisations to stop the embargo, Şêxo said, "If the embargo is not lifted, serious problems will occur. Humanitarian organisations should take action immediately."