People marched against occupation while honouring their martyrs

Thousands of people marched against the Turkish attacks in Dêrik, Dibêsiyê and Hesekê while in Aleppo, Amûdê and Qamishlo ceremonies were held for the martyrs of the Honor Resistance.

Thousands of people marched against the attacks carried out by the invading Turkish state.


Thousands of people gathered in Azadî Square in Dêrik and marched to Martyr Bawer Youth Center.

Rojîn Salih, from Kongra Star said: "Since the beginning of the Northern and Eastern Syrian Revolution, the invading Turkish state has attacked our people with all dirty methods. The aim of the attacks is to eliminate the existence of the peoples of the region and our democratic projects."

Hesen Abid, from the Martyrs' Families Assembly in the Cizre Region, said that the history of the Kurdish people is marked by resistance against the fascists and added that Kurds never surrender.


Thousands of people protested the Turkish invasion and the meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and US President Donald Trump in Dirbêsiyê.

The march began in front of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Center and ended in Martyrs' Square.

Speaking at the rally MSD Executive Board Member Mesoc Mihemed underlined that the people are resisting against invasion. Speaking about Erdogan and his meeting with US president Trump, Mihemed condemned the dirty bargains made by international powers.


A march took place in Hesekê promoted by the Martyrs' Families Assembly. Speaking at the rally Kongra Star member Nalin Mihemed said: "The reason for Erdoğan's attacks is to create a "safe zone". Yet, the places he now occupies have been the center of massacre, destruction and persecution."

Abdulxenî Oso, co-chair of the Hesekê Canton Assembly, said that the attacks of the occupying Turkish state were a shame for the whole humanity.


Aleppo Martyrs' Families Assembly organised a mass farewell ceremony for YPJ fighter Newroz Sarqot (Sîlvana Intîqam) who fell martyr in Girê Spi on 12 October.

The ceremony, which was held in Qada Şehîdan in the neighborhood of Rûbar Qamishlo, started with a minute silence. Eytan Resho on behalf of the Martyrs' Families Assembly and Kongra Star executive Hediye Yusif addressed the crowd.

Amûdê Martyrs' Families Assembly organized a mass farewell ceremony for Egîd Hesen (Nemir) who fell martyr during the Honor Resistance on 28 October in Serêkaniye.

In the speeches made on behalf of Amûde Military Council, Kongra Star and civil institutions, the invading attacks carried out by the Turkish state were condemned. The speakers also condemned the international community, which remained silent.


Thousands of people gathered in Qamishlo for two SDF fighters and two press workers who died between 9 and 11 November.

SDF fighter Mihemed El Tirkî (Lewend Qamişlo) fell martyr in Serêkaniyê on 9 November, Mûeyd El Ezîz (Dilgeş Qamişlo) fell martyr in Til Temir on 11 November together with Qamishlo Western Municipality who died in the explosion on 11 November. A ceremony at Martyr Delil Saruxan graveyard was held for press workers Zozan Şêxo and Medîna El-Hisên.

The identity of SDF fighter Şalan Şalan (Ali Qamişlo), who fell martyr in Zirgan, in Serêkaniyê on October 28, was also disclosed.

Speaking on behalf of the families of martyrs in the ceremony, Ebîd Etê said: "May the whole world know that we will never bow to the enemy."

PYD General Assembly Member Abdulkerîm Saruxan said: "We will continue our struggle. Our struggle will continue until we gain our freedom and build an honorable life." 

Ecology and Municipalities Committee co-chair Sema Begdaş pointed out that the Turkish state wanted to re-activate ISIS with this attacks.

After the speeches, Rivîn Şêxmûs, from the Martyrs' Families Association, read the martyr documents and delivered them to their families.