People not leaving their homes in Sheikh Maqsoud

As part of measures against Coronavirus pandemic, people are staying at their homes and municipality continues its disinfection works in Sheikh Maqsoud, Aleppo.

People strictly obey the curfew declared by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria as part of measures against Coronavirus pandemic. No case has been detected in the region so far, yet strict measures have been taken already to prevent the outbreak of the pandemic while the Syrian government has announced five cases of coronavirus infection.


Life came to a standstill and people are not leaving their homes in Sheikh Maqsoud (Şexmeqsud) neighborhood of Aleppo. Only the asayish (public security) and cleaning teams remain on the streets which are washed and disinfected by the municipality every day. The needs of the people are provided by communes and councils.

With the declaration of curfew in Sheikh Maqsoud, the committees formed by the municipality are performing controls in the market and are not allowing the shopkeepers to mark up the prices.

Only bakeries, pharmacies and foodstuff shops are open for a certain period of time during the day. Communes distribute bread to the people and health care teams hand out leaflets for the self-protection of the people.

Health teams have also distributed thermometers to all checkpoints, health care centres and hospitals.

While the entry and exit points in Sheikh Maqsoud have been closed, only severely ill patients can cross into the regime-held area and hospitals are admitting only seriously ill people.