People of Afrin in Til Rifat condemn Turkish state's attacks

The people of Afrin, who had to migrate to Til Rifat in Shehba condemned the Turkish state's attacks on the region.

The people who settled in Shehba after the Turkish state's occupation of Afrin condemned the Turkish state's attacks.

Reacting to the attacks carried out by the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries in the past 3 years, Afrin residents said: "Our resistance will continue".

Til Rifat district council member Fexrî Sultan said that these attacks have continued since the forced migration from Afrin began in 2018. Pointing out that the attacks were planned and programmed, Sultan added that the aim was to drive the people of Afrin out of Shehba. Sultan said that the people resisted in Til Rifat and Shehba as they wanted to return to Afrin.

"These attacks are targeting the project to return to Afrin," said Sultan and continued: "There is a culprit silence about these attacks. As this silence continues, international forces are using the situation for their own interests.”

Ibrahim Rîhani said that they settled in Til Rifat after being forced out of Afrin before the eyes of the whole world.

Emphasizing that the attacks have continued since the day they settled in Til Rifat, Ibrahim Rîhani said: “Just as they forced the people out of Afrin, they want to expel them from Til Rifat and Shehba in the same way today. However, even though they bomb us, we will continue until we return to Afrin."

Shehba Assembly member, Fatma Mihemed, said: “While the Turkish state is carrying out attacks on Til Rifat, dozens of our civilian people are being victims of these attacks. These attacks lead to massacres of children. The Turkish state has done this before in Afrin. Our call to all international institutions and organizations is not to remain silent about these massacres and attacks. These attacks on the civilian population must end.”