People of North and East Syrian resolute in their resistance against the occupiers

The people of North and East Syria are increasing their resistance against the attacks of the occupying Turkish state, especially those directly targeting civilian infrastructures.

The Turkish army intensified its attacks on North and East Syria in late December.

On December 25, 2023, a large area from the Dêrik border to the Afrin and Shehba cantons was targeted by attacks.

The latest attacks caused extensive damage to health facilities, including oxygen stations used by many hospitals and kidney dialysis centers where more than 100 patients were treated. Many health centers in Kobanê city have also stopped operating due to the attacks.

The people of the region, resisting the attacks of the invading Turkish army, say that these attacks are also a war against the ideas and philosophy of the Kurdish People’s Leader, Abdullah Öcalan.

Hassan Osman from the city of Afrin reacted to the attacks of the Turkish army, pointing out the difficulties Turkey is facing and the developing events.  "Turkey is heading towards destruction and defeat, and in order to hide its defeat against the guerrilla forces, it is focusing its attacks on the North and Eastern parts of Syria," said Hassan Osman.

Mihemed al-Qerace from Raqqa said that the Turkish regime targets civilians with terrorist acts and aims to impoverish the region by bombing economic centers.

Al-Qerace stated that the people of the region would stand up and show a stronger will alongside the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces).

Zelûx Kila Xeyrî from Kobanê and Hêvîn Hesen from Qamishlo also spoke about the attacks of the Turkish army and the resistance of the people.

Zelûx Kila Xeyri said, "The target of the occupying Turkish army is the people themselves, because it is constantly targeting infrastructure, hospitals, electricity and things that people benefit from (...) We, the people of North and East Syria, will resist against all attacks and follow the path of the revolutionary people's struggle that we have inherited from the ideas and philosophy of Leader Abdullah Öcalan."

Hêvîn Hesen underlined that the resistance would prevail despite all the attacks directed against the people of North and East Syria and emphasized that "We will not stop the struggle until we liberate all occupied lands and free our leader."