People of North-East Syria rally in Ain Issa against occupation

Peoples condemned the invasion attacks and called for the urgent leave of the occupation forces from their lands.

Thousands of people from various parts of North and East Syria staged a demonstration in Ain Issa town, targeted by the occupation attacks of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries.

The protest march was joined by masses from Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Kobane, Manbij and Tabqa, and people from Serekaniye (Ras al-Ain) and Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) who were displaced due to the invasion attacks.


On the banners displayed at the march, peoples saluted the SDF and the Honor Resistance, condemned the Turkish invasion and called on the international community to act to ensure their return to their homes.


Speakers criticised the EU states for not taking a serious stand against the attacks of the Turkish state seeking to invade the region.

The Autonoous Administration of North and East Syria Executive Council Co-president Hamid El-Mihbas underlined the SDF’s resistance against Turkish-backed terror and the Turkish state’s attempts to invade Syrian lands with the excuse of ‘safe zone’. He continued; “After the defeat of ISIS, Erdoğan and mercenaries affiliated to his army started to attack Syrian lands under the pretext of ‘safe zone’. Erdoğan and his gangs seek to change the demography of North and East Syria, to create a conflict and pit peoples against each other.”

El-Mihbas called upon the Syrian regime to put the dialogue practices into practice and stop accusing some certain parties by getting rid of its old mindset. El-Mihbas also called for Russia not to act biasedly.


Speaking after, one of the notables in the region, Hamid el-Ferec stressed that they would stand and act with the SDF to the very end for the construction of a democratic society. He called on the Syrian regime to take action against Turkey’s invasion plans.


Gire Spi Council Co-president Hevin Ismail criticised the International Coalition states for not adopting a firm stand against the Turkish state’s attacks seeking to invade North-East Syria, highlighting the efforts of the Turkish forces and allied mercenaries to change the demographic structure of the region. Remarking that the occupation forces must be expelled from North-East Syria, Ibrahim said that thousands of people who have been displaced because of Turkey’s savage attacks must be enabled to return home.