People of Til Temir: We have one goal, defending our land

On the Serêkaniyê-Til Temir front where the Turkish state intensified its attacks, the peoples of the region are resisting. They said they won't accept the occupation.

The occupation attacks against North-East Syria by the occupying Turkish state and the mercenary groups such as al-Nusra, ISIS, are continuing.

The attacks aims at establishing a terrorist state by occupying North-East Syria and are concentrated on the Serêkaniyê-Til Temir front.

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the people of the region stand shoulder to shoulder in the villages of Erisha, Dawudiyê, Sibata, Hewisha, Eziziyê and Mahmûdiyê where the invaders have recently intensified their attacks.

Fighters and peoples of the region are resisting the attacks despite these being carried out by with war planes, armed unmanned reconnaissance planes and heavy weapons from land.

The invaders want to occupy Til Temir, where Assyrian, Syriac, Kurdish and Arab peoples live, but are met by the resistance of the fighters and the peoples of the region.

Idrîs Ebdulezîz Berkel, father of 10 children who defends his land in the village of Erisha, says that they have no place to go other than their land and that they will defend it for the future of their children.

Berkel added: "There is no other place to go? This is our land and we have a duty to defend it. If we don't defend it, nobody will. The regime came, but then escaped. Only the SDF are defending our land."

In the village of Dawûdiyê where the attacks have intensified, almost all the people of the village are armed and take their place alongside the SDF fighters in the Honor Resistance.

An Arab citizen named Haji Mihemed said the attacks are heavy but the spirit is high before defending the land is a honorable task.

"Our peoples are one, our goal is one, and our defense is one" said Mihemed, adding: "Our call to all international forces, especially the United Nations, is to stop these attacks. Many people have already left their homes."

During the day air and land attacks intensified in the villages of Sibata, Hewisha and Mahmûdiyê, but the SDF fighters have foiled all attempts made by the mercenaries to infiltrate the area.