People take to the streets for Afrin across North-East Syria

On the anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Afrin four years ago, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria to demand the withdrawal of the occupiers.

In the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria, tens of thousands of people have demanded an end to the Turkish occupation of Afrin. Four years ago, the Turkish army invaded Afrin with Islamist mercenary militias. The Turkish air force used 72 fighter jets right at the beginning. The people and resistance fighters resisted for 58 days, and at least 1500 people were killed during this period of time.

The largest demonstration took place in the canton of Shehba, where hundreds of thousands of people from Afrin sought refuge in the spring of 2018 and have since been living in precarious conditions in self-constructed camps. The people gathered on the M5 road between Afrin and Aleppo and walked to the Veger camp in the only partially occupied district of Sherawa.

Meanwhile, the Turkish occupation forces carried out further attacks on the region on Thursday, targeting the village of Aqîbê in Şêrawa and the area around Til Rifat.

People also took to the streets for Afrin in numerous other towns, such as Kobanê, Manbij, Tabqa, Hesekê and Til Barak. The demonstrations called on the world community to speak out about the crimes committed by the Turkish state in Afrin.