Protesters at Semelka condemn KDP’s non-delivery of martyrs’ bodies

Girkê Legê District Council members took over the protest at Semalka border crossing. HPC Derik members and Girziro Company workers also paid a visit to the demonstration and protested the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

The tent protest launched at Semalka border crossing in Rojava on October 5 demanding to receive the mortal remains of the guerrillas who were martyred by the KDP is continuing on its 64th day.

After the Girkê Legê District Council members took over the protest from the Çilaxa group, the Social Defence Forces (HPC) Dêrik members and Girziro Company workers in Dêrik paid a visit to the demonstration today.


District Council Member Zilan Roj, who read out a statement on behalf of the Girkê Legê group that took over the protest, condemned the KDP's reluctance to give the bodies of the martyrs. Roj emphasized that their actions will continue until they get results, saying, “I hope the KDP will deliver the mortal remains of our martyrs and I am calling on the KDP to reclaim its Kurdish identity.”

Speaking on behalf of the members of Çilaxa District Council, Murad Şemo wished the Girkê Legê group success and added, “We believe that this honourable action will bring victory.”

After the Girkê Legê group took over the protest, HPC members from Derik paid a visit to the protest tent. The HPC members, welcomed with slogans, made a statement near the Rojava-Bashur (South Kurdistan) border criticizing the KDP.


HPC Dêrik Member Salih Sadik said in a statement that they draw strength for their persistent protest which has been going on for 64 days from the 40 years of struggle of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Sadik criticized the KDP and said, “I condemn the KDP which does not deliver the mortal remains of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. The KDP takes orders from the Turkish state, remains a traitor and has not served any purpose other than its own.”

Sadik underlined that the peshmerga members who were martyred in ISIS attacks in South Kurdistan are also their people. “Even if this protest lasts years, we will not accept surrender and will continue the resistance under the motto 'Resistance is Life'. Those who have betrayed the Kurdish people should know this well.”

After the speech, the protestors welcomed the Girziro Company workers in Derik who paid a solidarity visit to them.


Emin Silêman made a speech on behalf of the workers who gathered near the border. Silêman said that they would support the protest to the end, stating, “We will follow in the footsteps of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. We are right, and because we are right, we, as the people of Rojava, have been able to remain standing for years. The action here is a response, a message. The international community, patriotic Kurds and treacherous Kurds should hear this message well. The protesters here are not alone and the people are always ready to be here.”

Silêman addressed the KDP and Kurdish parties, asking: “Where is the KDP, where are the Kurdish parties? KDP, why don't you deliver our martyrs? Answer this. Why haven't you been responding to our requests for days? Who are you fighting? It is the guerrillas who pay the highest price in this struggle. KDP, respect human values and hand over the bodies of our martyrs to us.”

After the speech, the HPC Dêrik members and Girziro workers visited the protest tent and met the protestors.