Protests in Qamishlo against Turkish attacks and international silence

People living in Qamishlo Canton took to the streets in protest at Turkish invasion attacks and silence of the international community.

Hundreds of people living in Qamishlo Canton took to the streets today in response to the occupying Turkish state’s attacks against the peoples of North and East Syria. The people urged international forces to fulfil their responsibilities and vowed enhanced resistance.


Amude residents and members of various NGOs held a march in protest at the invasion attacks of the Turkish state and allied gangs against North and East Syria.

Speaking at the demonstration following the march, Faris Faris, a member of the Revolutionary Youth Movement, accused the Turkish state, which he defined as the archenemy of the Middle Eastern peoples, of committing crimes against humanity.

Condemning the latest Turkish attacks on Kobane, which claimed the lives of 5 people, members of the Revolutionary Youth Movement and Young Women’s Union shared messages of resistance.


Gathering in front of Kongra Star center, dozens of Tirbespiye residents held a march through the main streets. Following the march that evolved to a demonstration with the participation of a huge crowd, Heqî Qerar from Tirbespiye Youth Movement condemned the invasion attacks and remarked that resistance of the youth movement will achieve victory, recalling the youth’s role in the revolution of North-East Syria.

Til Berak

The people of Til Berak staged a march followed by a demonstration, chanting slogans condemning the Turkish state’s invasion attacks on North and East Syria and the silence of guarantor states in the region.

Speaking at the demonstration, Co-chair of Til Berak District Council Emîne Xilêf urged international forces to fulfil their responsibilities against North-East Syrian peoples. Rusil Hesen, one of the administrators of Kongra Star, underlined the important role of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in providing security in the region.