PYD: The democratic system in NE Syria is the solution to crisis

PYD co-chairs Şahoz Hesen and Ayşe Hiso said; “If resistance continues, a democratic system can be built in Syria. The Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without the solution of the Kurdish question.”

The 8th Ordinary Congress of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Aram Tigran Hall in Qamishlo’s Rimelan town continues. The congress began earlier today with a minute’s silence which was followed by a joint statement of the party co-chairs Şahoz Hesen and Ayşe Hiso.

The co-chairs said the following:

“We have left behind years of resistance in North and East Syria. From Afrin to Serekaniye and Gire Spi, people have mounted historic resistance. They have massively protested the attacks carried out against our people with an international conspiracy. The people have frustrated the conspiracy and the attacks. As long as the spirit of resistance in Afrin, Serekaniye and Gire spi is maintained, foundations could be laid for a democratic system in all of Syria as we have protected all our achievements in North and East Syria.”

Remarking that PYD has come to these days thanks to resistance, the co-chairs said the PYD will be following the path of resistance and close the ranks around the values of the people.


The co-chairs recalled that PYD has insisted on peaceful methods of solution since the first day of the Syrian crisis, adding; “However, the other parties have unfortunately promoted racism and paved the way for external interventions. Mercenary groups came out as a result, and Syria has gradually become what it is now.”

Underlining the fact that the model established in North and East Syria represents the people’s free will and democratic system in Syria and promises a future, the co-chairs continued; “We know only too well that the experience of North and East Syria has been subject to repeated attacks by the Turkish state. The Syrian regime, which is not open to changes, has caused the crisis to get deeper. All parties are trying to achieve a result through military methods alone. For this very reason, the Syrian crisis can only be resolved through the democratic system in North and East Syria.”


Co-chairs pointed out that PYD has campaigned for the democracy experience implemented in North and East Syria to be permanent in the co-existence of peoples in the region, saying; “We in the PYD have struggled on this basis and undertaken an active role in this regard. PYD has always called for national unity and joined all efforts to this end, whether on Rojava or Kurdistan level. We call on all parties to fulfill their responsibilities for the achievement of national unity.”


Emphasising the importance of inner-Syrian dialogue and talks with Damascus for the achievement of a solution to the Syrian crisis and the Kurdish question, Hesen and Hiso said; “We have expressed our readiness for a political solution. However, the ruling circles in Damascus prevent a solution. Their efforts for a return to the pre-2011 period constitutes an obstacle to the solution of the crisis, building of a free Syria and construction of democracy and diversity. The Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without the solution of the Kurdish question. They key to the solution of the Syrian crisis in the solution of the Kurdish question.”