PYD: The Turkish state is trying to hide the truth and its crimes

Reacting to the Turkish state's destruction of a cemetery in Afrin, the PYD General Assembly stated that another black mark had been added to the history of the Turkish state.

The PYD General Assembly issued a written statement regarding the invading Turkish state's destruction of the martyrs' graves in Afrin.

“The invading Turkish state and its mercenaries commit unlawful and inhumane crimes every day. Destroying the graves is violating untouchable values,” the PYD General Assembly said adding: “The Turkish state recognizes no limits in committing crimes. The Turkish state, which is trying to assimilate the Kurdish people, is also changing the demographic structure in the region. The destruction of graves by the Turkish state added another black mark to its history. The Turkish state is trying to hide the truth as well as its crimes.”

The PYD added: “We strongly condemn these crimes committed by the Turkish state. The international community and international human rights organizations should stop these crimes carried out by the Turkish state. People who were forcibly removed from Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê should return to their homes and the mercenaries that have been settled there should leave.”