PYD's Yûsif says the region can overcome these difficult times

PYD executive Foza Yûsif underlined that they are fighting both against the coronavirus epidemic and Turkish attacks, and adde that they will overcome this challenging process with unity, morale, spirituality, patience, sacrifice and responsibility.

PYD (Democratic Union Party) Executive Board Member Foza Yûsif told ANF that the Autonomous Administration is mobilizing all its bodies, health institutions and health workers, and added that they share responsibilities with the society.

North-East Syria is trying to take measures against both the coronavirus epidemic and the Turkish state and its mercenaries that continue their attacks despite the UN's call for a ceasefire. Can you briefly describe the current situation?

The UN called on everybody to declare a ceasefire because war increases the risk of the outbreak to spread and prevent measures to counter it to be taken. The Turkish state, however, is not listening to these calls. It has continued to hit water stations and bomb water lines. By pursuing these kind of dirty politics and war, it is actually trying to ensure that the epidemic spreads in these territories. If until now it was using mercenaries [to reach its purposes], now it tries to use the epidemic.

Does the Syrian regime respond to the attacks?

The attitude of the Syrian state is very weak. We especially saw this in the last attack on Til Temir. The Turkish state is once again violating international law and Syrian sovereignty. There is a weak attitude towards this.

Are the measures taken so far against the epidemic sufficient, and what are the difficulties?

The Autonomous Administration has taken good decisions so far and is making great efforts. If there is still no coronavirus cases in North-East Syria, it is not by chance. Health institutions and workers, municipalities and workers, the Public Security, that is, the Autonomous Administration, have mobilized all its bodies and facilities.

Of course, there are some realities. Health facilities and health planning are victims of war. The central government does not send any contribution here. International institutions and organizations too have so far not supported us. In this case, we share the responsibility with the society. We want everyone to take his/her responsibility. The epidemic will arrive if we don't take this issue seriously, if we don't stick to what the Autonomous Administration indicates. We must comply with the measures in the most disciplined way. Solidarity and stick to the measures indicated can prevent the epidemic from entering. We should stand united against this threat.

Heyva Sor started a campaign. Our communes and councils should work very well, they should reach any family in any village or neighborhood and establish which ones are in need. We will overcome this challenging process with unity, morale, spirituality, patience, sacrifice and a spirit of responsibility.