Qamishlo implements new road measure to increase people safety

Security measures have been increased in the city since the car bomb attack about 9 months ago.

Many people lost their life in the city center of Qamishlo about 9 months ago as a result of a car bomb attack.

Security measures have been increased in the city since the attack. One of those measures is the delineators placed by the Traffic Police in the city's busy points.

Thanks to lane separators, both the traffic flow control is provided and the safety measures increased by preventing the arrival of the vehicles to a beautiful park.

Satisfied with this developed measure, Qamishlo tradesmen told ANHA that they are happy with the new measures taken by the Administration.

Qamishlo shopkeeper Idris Ezedin Badini said that customers were not able to park their vehicles because of the lane separators, yet they were happy with them as they do increase security. Badini added: “It might have done little damage to us, financially speaking, but the new measure definitively carries more benefits for public safety and traffic control. In the past, our customers could easily come to the front of our shops with their vehicles. Now this is not allowed but we feel that safety has increased.”

Traffic police executive, Ibrahim Xelil, said: “Our main duty in the city is to control and enforce traffic rules. 9 months ago, we installed lane separators in order to increase safety and regulate the flow of traffic in the bazaar.”