Raqqa People's Municipality starts new projects to improve the city

Raqqa People's Municipality has rolled up its sleeves to implement many projects to develop the city in 2023.

Raqqa People's Municipality has launched many projects to improve services. Co-mayor Malik El Heriri told ANHA about the most important projects that the municipality will implement in 2023.


The first task that the municipality will carry out in 2023 will be the restoration of the sewerage network of El Wadi street in Raqqa and the repair of the water and electricity networks on that street.

El Wadi Street is one of the most important streets of the city with hundreds of commercial shops.

The municipality will repair all the sewerage networks and repair the damaged parts as requested by the residents.


In 2023, Raqqa People's Municipality will restore all the parks and complete the renovation of the Al Beyda park in the neighbourhood of Jamili.

The municipality is starting the project of paving the streets between El Wadi Street, Til Ebeyd and El Wadi Streets, the streets of the city from the Cornish Street in the neighbourhood of Al Mişleb to the El Hal Bazaar and from El Mişleb to the Sheep Market. In the northeast of Raqqa, 15,000 cubic meters of asphalt was poured.

Mayor El Heriri said that in order to fight pollution in the neighbourhoods, Raqqa People's Municipality will arrange proper cleaning services and increase the number of rubbish collector trucks in the neighbourhoods of the city.

Noting that after the success of the project of repairing El Mensur street with a new floor, the municipality will implement this project on the streets of Raqqa,