Refugees from Idlib in Raqqa: SDF have ensured our safety

Many thousands of people flee from Idlib to escape the war and attacks of the Syrian regime and Russia. The self-government takes in those seeking protection from Idlib and provides for them, despite their own difficult situation.

Many families from Idlib have come to the self-governing city of Raqqa after the statement of the General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mazlum Abdi who said, "Our doors are open to the people of Idlib". At the moment, 1,500 refugees from Idlib are living in Abu Qibe Camp near Raqqa.

One of the refugees is Ilham Derwiş (38) from Zawiya near Idlib. She told the ANHA news agency: "If we had stayed in Idlib, we would have been in a bad way. The planes bombed us day and night. We had to flee from our house. Thanks to Mazlum Abdi's statement we were able to come here in safety. That's why we came here to the safe areas defended by the SDF."

A refugee named Yusuf Shiri from Idlib said that he fled from Idlib to northeast Syria after the bombing, as this was the only safe region.

Mihemed Hesen, 61, said it was necessary to ensure the safety of the people from Idlib and emphasized, "We are safe here in Northeast Syria.

The democratic autonomous administration of North and East Syria must itself provide for some 300,000 internally displaced persons who fled the Turkish invasion, as well as tens of thousands of captured ISIS jihadists and their families, and receives virtually no international support.