Refugees leaving Hol camp must have no connection with ISIS

The Autonomous Administration is releasing Syrian refugee families from Hol camp since 10 October. The refugees must have no connection with ISIS

Following the meeting between the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) and the Social Justice Council on 5 October, the Autonomous Administration decided to release Syrian refugee families from Hol camp on 10 October.

While taking the necessary measures for the release of the refugees from the camp, Decree No. 146 will be taken as basis for these releases. Refugees must have no connection with ISIS.

Luqman Ehmê, the official spokesperson of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration, told ANHA: "This decision applies to the Syrian families in the Hol camp, but it does not include other families."

In order to release the families from the camp “first of all, the families who want to leave the camp should apply to the camp administration and the security authorities should verify that these people do not have any connection with ISIS,” added Ehmê.

According to the Hol Camp Administration, there are 17,693 families (64,373 people) in the camp.

8, 209 families (30,606 people) from Iraq.

6,706 families (24,223 people) from Syria.

2 ,778 foreign families (9,544 people) among which are Arab and European citizens.