Rojava artists call on Kurdish parties to unite

Kurds should unite to disrupt the enemy's dreams, say artists from Rojava.

Artists in Qamishlo called for a de-escalation of tension in the region of Zînî Wertê in South Kurdistan.

The press release was made in front of the Mihemed Şexo Culture and Arts Center in Qamishlo.

Nesrin Heyder read the press release in front of tens of people who gathered at the Culture centre. Heyder said problems in Zînî Wertê should be resolved through dialogue and reminded that the tension escalated after the deployment of the peshmerga forces.

Heyder said: "The region of Zînî Wertê in South Kurdistan has become the center of controversy in the past few days. This crisis, which arose from the contradictions between political parties in Southe Kurdistan, may have bad consequences if it deepens. We are following developments with concern. We ask the Kurdish political parties to end their conflicting stances because this only serves the enemy."

Heyder added: "If the crisis continues, the gains in South Kurdistan will be in danger. The states of the region want the Kurds to fight among each other. They make all kinds of plans to invade Kurdistan."

The statement called on "all parties to solve the issues through dialogue and not military means. It would not be the first time that the enemies stir controversy and conflict among Kurds so to fulfill their dreams of conquest. Kurds should unite to disrupt the enemy's dreams."