Rojava people: We stand by the PKK against occupation and betrayal

Kurds from Afrin, Kobanê, Qamishlo and Derik responded to the recent Turkish invasion attack launched with the partnership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) saying “We are standing by the guerrillas."

On April 17, the Turkish state launched a new invasion attack on the Zap region of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). While the guerrilla forces are resisting the Turkish invasion attack, the people of Kurdistan and their friends living all over the world are taking to the streets to endorse the historical resistance of the guerrillas against the occupation.

The Kurds from Rojava spoke to ANF about the Turkish invasion attacks and the treacherous attitude of the KDP.

The people from Afrin, Kobanê, Hesêkê, Qamishlo and Derik remarked that they would stand by the PKK and called on the KDP to stop being a partner in the Turkish attacks and stand by the Kurds.


Emine Yasin from Kobanê remarked that KDP’s betrayal would bring huge damage to the KDP, saying, "We have had enough of what the Barzani family has done! It allies with the invaders and attacks the Kurdish people and the guerrilla. If it continues like this, we will give the necessary response. They are helping the invaders. Betrayal brings no benefit to anyone. They have never responded to our calls for unity. Who will help them when they are attacked? The Turkish army or the Kurds?

Why are they trying to push the Kurds back? If you can't do anything positive about their development, don't be an obstacle. You are allying with the enemy to destroy us one by one. Your debacle will come soon, too. Our line is the line of martyrs. We will never fall. Know this very well. Stop helping the Turkish occupation. It will destroy you, too. Victory will be ours. We will get rid of the invaders.”



Eli Isa from Kobanê pointed out that the KDP put the Kurds in jeopardy for its own interests. “Betrayal is their second nature. They are allying with those who fight against us. They only care about their own interests. They don't care about what happens to the Kurds. This is not the first time they are doing it. Our children are being killed by the KDP. How many times have they attacked the mountains of free Kurdistan? Who lives in these mountains and for what? They are there for the freedom and rights of the Kurds. The Barzani Family continues to make its fortune while it is taking part in killing the Kurds.”

“They are currently building a wall between Rojava and Shengal. This is a wall of shame. We condemn betrayal and silence! Just as the hegemonic powers destroyed Kurdistan in the past, the KDP is doing the same today. The mountains of Kurdistan speak the language of truth. They also do not recognize the language of truth. The mountains of Kurdistan symbolize the unity of the peoples, they do not want them either. Remember: the Kurds are one nation. If something happens to the guerrilla, it will affect you, too. Traitors always lose. The KDP will be ruined like the Turkish state with which it is allying.”



Azad Silêman from Dêrik pointed out that the PKK will win, and the betrayers will lose.

“The KDP has also taken part in the recent Turkish attack on the guerrilla forces. The KDP and the Barzani Family will be the biggest losers in these attacks. The KDP is contributing to its own demise. The Kurdistan National Struggle will never fail. Previously, many in Turkey, including Tansu Çiller Kenan Evren, attempted to destroy the PKK. But none of them ever succeeded. The PKK will never disappear. It represents all of Kurdistan. Kurdistan stands with the PKK. 

In cooperation with Turkey, the KDP is putting Bashure (South) Kurdistan in jeopardy. We all endorse the PKK, which defends the honour and dignity of the Kurds today. The mercenaries will lose, and the PKK and the guerrillas will win."



Fadia Silêman from Qamishlo said that as a Kurdish mother, she would stand by the guerrillas who resisted the occupation. “I am a mother of martyrs and guerrillas. We will stand by the guerrillas until the last drop of our blood. The Kurdish mothers stand with their children who are resisting the occupation,” she said.

“I am calling out to the Barzani Family: Let's not cooperate with the enemy. Let's stand by the guerrillas against the Turkish state and its occupation. The guerrillas are our children. We cannot betray our children like you. Let's unite as Kurdish people and destroy the enemy. The Kurds will not tolerate it as before. The Turkish invasion and your betrayal will never be recognized.”



İbrahim Şêxmûs from Hesêkê emphasized that nobody trusts the Turkish state and those who kill the Kurdish children. “The Turkish state is attacking the guerrillas. As the Kurdish people, we stand by the guerrillas. We no longer trust the KDP. Hundreds of our young people were killed by them in the past. It has long maintained good relations with the Turkish state. We will not abandon our guerrilla until the last drop of our blood,” he said.


Nesra Habeş from Afrin said that they would fight alongside the guerrilla forces against occupation. “We will also stand against the attack on the guerrilla areas which are the stronghold of Kurdish identity, freedom and independence.”


“At a time when the Kurds need national unity urgently, the KDP acts with the enemy and fights the Kurds. The KDP has taken part in this latest attack. We condemn the attack on the guerrilla forces and the involvement of the KDP. We, too, are ready to resist and fight,” İbrahim Genco from Afrin said.