Rojava University calls for support networks for students in Rojhilat and Iran

Rojava University students called for the creation of support networks for students in Rojhilat Kurdistan-Iran.

Rojava University Student Council made a statement in support of the students resisting with the slogan ʹʹJin, Jiyan, Azadîʹʹ in Iran and Rojhilat Kurdistan. The statement was read by the speaker of the Council, Selwa Abud, who underlined that the role of the students resisting with the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" was very important. "The role of female students in leadership is decisive. It strikes fear into the hearts of the Iranian regime."

Stating that Iran has been carrying out arrests, killings and executions in the name of protecting its regime for 44 years, the students pointed out that “the poisoning of female students is not an accidental or ordinary poisoning. The Iranian regime used chemical gases in Eastern cities such as Seqiz, Merîwan, Bokan, Tehran, Kum, Isfahan, Kerej and Shiraz in Iran. More than 7,000 students were poisoned. At least 4 of them died. While some of the poisoned students were university students, most of them were in secondary school.”

The regime cannot prevent protests

The statement pointed out that female students are now breaking the wall of fear and demanding democratic change. “The Iranian regime will not be able to prevent the storm of change and freedom. The roots of this storm of freedom are to be found in the revolutionary youth movement in 1968 and now it is spreading to the plains, mountains and cities of Kurdistan.”

Pointing out that Leader Abdullah Öcalan's slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadi" has now become the main slogan of the people's protests, the statement noted that with the Rojava Revolution and Rojhilat, the center of revolutionary young people, is now in the Middle East.

Call for support

Rojava University students called on all students and revolutionary youth movements to support the protests in Rojhilat and Iran and said: “The heart of the freedom revolution is now beating in Rojhilat and Iran. Let's create support networks together with Rojhilat -Iranian youth and students. Systems of hegemony and dictatorship will be overthrown with revolutionary support.”