SDF: 61 mercenaries killed, 4 vehicles destroyed

61 members of the occupation forces were killed and 22 others wounded during the last 24 hours of battle, while 8 SDF fighters fell as martyrs and another 11 wounded.

The Press Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the balance sheet for the past 24 hours in the Resistance of Honor against Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria.

The balance sheet announced by SDF is as follows:


The Turkish invasion army and its mercenaries attacked the village of Mahmudiya with heavy weapons and fierce clashes erupted following the response of our forces on the basis of legitimate defense. The attacks against the villages of Kanhar, al-Hajaj, Derbo and al-Sibatiya were also confronted by our forces, resulting in violent clashes in which 57 mercenaries were killed and another 22 wounded. In addition, 4 military vehicles, 3 panzers and a motorbike were destroyed. The Turkish army, having suffered a heavy blow, bombed the area with UAVs and howitzers.


The Turkish invasion army and its mercenaries bombed the villages of Xedir Avî and Til Hirmil and the areas of Xirbet Cimo and Ing al-Hawa. While the occupation forces dispatched a large military convoy to the area, the mercenaries in the convoyleft their vehicles and fled in the face of the response by our forces.


The Turkish invasion army bombarded the village of Um al-Baramil with 3 tanks. Our forces responded to the attacks of the mercenaries against Shergirad and Maruda areas, which left 4 mercenaries dead and a military vehicle destroyed. The Turkish army bombed the area with howitzers and tanks.

As a result of battles and clashes during the past 24 hours, a total of 61 mercenaries were killed and 22 others wounded, while 4 military vehicles, a panzer and a motorbike were destroyed.

8 of our comrades fell as martyrs and another 11 wounded during the resistance.”