SDF's Bali: Turkey is bombing civilians

SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali said the Turkish state is bombing without making any distinction in targes. He added Turkey tried to enter via land buy was repelled.

Speaking to ANF about the latest situation from the field, SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) Spokesman Mustafa Bali summarized the situation at the border as follows:

Clashes in all border areas 

"All along the border from the Tigris to the Euphrates, in other words from Derik to Kobane, we are living clashes. All villages and cities on the border of Rojava Kurdistan are under attack. War planes, gunshots, heavy weapons, howitzers are all being used indiscriminately."

Turkey attempted ten times to enter via land

Stating that the SDF fought against the invaders in the front line and repulsed all attempt to enter via land, Bali said: "SDF fighters are a protection force. They fight against invasion on the front lines. Since yesterday, there have been dozens of attempts by Turkey to enter via land. All were met with resistance and repelled. They may have taken some steps at some points, but there is conflict and resistance in every area. The Turkish state and its mercenaries are being dealt heavy blows. We don't have a clear number, but our fighters reported Turkey suffered heavy losses in both soldiers and military vehicles."

Stating that the airspace is still open to the Turkish state and continuous bombings have been carried out, Bali said:

"The airspace is open to Turkish attacks. From the beginning, Turkish warplanes bombed the western part of Kurdistan. As we said, it has bombed continuously and without discrimination between civilian and fighters. Wherever people move, they target them. Most recently today (Thursday), a civilian convoy of Kurdish and Arabs coming from Raqqa to support the resistance action in Girê Spî was targeted, three civilians were killed and others wounded."

Mountains are not the only friends of Kurds

Bali issued a call on the Kurdish people and the international community.

"Our call to the Kurdish people and the public is this: This is the last attempt of the Turkish state to carry out a genocide against Kurds. All Kurdish people need to act accordingly. They should trust themselves. Although the Turkish state has the most advanced technological weapons, the Kurdish people have shown times and times again their will for freedom and do not want to lose it.

Now we have more friends in the world.

There are those who support us at the level of states and influential politicians. We have achieved political and diplomatic gains, which is what annoys the Turkish state. Although the Turkish state opposes all Kurdish gains, the Kurds can now say that "the mountains are not Kurds onlyt friends". Kurds have friends all over the world. We have political and diplomatic relations. We are now at the political tables of the world. Turkey feels very unconfortable with it and is attacking. For this reason, the Kurdish people should be active everywhere and turn every area into resistance against this occupation. Together we will end this occupation."

To the international public opinion

Bali said: "We want to tell to the international public that this is the struggle for democracy against invasion. Everyone who is pro-democracy and peace-loving should see our five-year war against ISIS, the costs we give and support us on this basis."

ISIS prisoners

Bali also spoke about ISIS prisoners and said: "ISIS prisoners and ISIS families living in camps are also of concern of the international community.

In the areas where the camps are located, the Military Councils gave directions as to prioritize  the war fronts. In particular, the Military Council in Hol camp where the largest number of ISIS families are located, said in an official statement that they would direct their military forces to the battlefields. This means that there may be a security gap. There is a risk of ISIS getting results by taking advantage of the situation. The situation of the camps and prisons is now a matter of extreme concern. The whole world must be very aware of this."