SDF captures mercenary commander preparing for an attack

Syrian Democratic Forces have captured mercenary commander Ismail Zaim as he prepared an attack on high-ranking SDF members.

The Turkish state is not only attacking Rojava with its army and the mercenary groups but is also preparing attacks on the population and administration of Rojava through organized terrorist cells.

According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Ismail Zaim, a leader of the infamous Turkish-backed group Jaysh al-Islam, was arrested in preparation for an attack on high-ranking SDF members.

Ismail Zaim was arrested on 6 November after long observation. Ismail Zaim's brother, Muhammad Zaim, became world-famous when he boasted via video message of the mistreatment of the body of YPJ fighter Amara Rênas in northern Syria.

Jaysh al-Islam group

Jaysh al-Islam was founded in 2011 in East Ghouta under the command of the Salafist Zahran Alloush. This group, supported by Saudi Arabia, used chlorine gas in the attacks on Sheikh Maqsoud (Şêx Meqsûd) neighborhood of Aleppo. After Zahran Alloush was killed, his brother Mohammed Alloush took his place. The group attended the meetings in Riyadh and Astana, and after leaving Ghouta, they established their bases together with Faylaq al-Rahman in al-Bab and Afrin.